Unspoken Thoughts

yung saket ng ULO na nakaka-iyak -OTL

Unspoken Thoughts

I hate being in this state.

and even if I try to forget this sometimes.. I just can’t escape this.

Unspoken Thoughts

Hindi naman sa lahat ng pag kakataon na pag Mahal mu, kailangan mung ipaglaban, minsan kailangan mu rin sumuko, hindi dahil sa mahina ka, kase yun ang alam mung mas tama.

Unspoken Thoughts

You don’t care that you hurt Me..


“It had to be Robin”


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Unspoken Thoughts

It’s less of Me = less Drama, in your life.


The less of Me in your life, the better.


Fabienne Verdier

When spirit leaves a painting, it will forever remain imperfect. Deprived of breath, dead works are set to fire outside the studio.

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